Lillygren Drafting Services


About Us

Lillygren Drafting Services has been providing technical drawing and illustration services for over twenty years. Our clients come from a wide, diverse range of disciplines, representing every level of the inventive process. Our goal is to provide high quality illustrations that not only enhance the appearance and sophistication of your patent application, but also increase the likelihood of a favorable result from the patent office examiner. Whether you are an inventor, patent attorney or agent, or a company representative, we are dedicated to providing a prompt and reliable service.
Our drawings are created using the latest in CAD drafting software. We can take almost any type of preliminary information you supply and use it to achieve a drawing that conforms to the standards set by the USPTO. This includes working from rough sketches, technical drawings, photographs, PowerPoint presentations, or any file from a wide array of CAD software titles. Results can be provided in numerous formats, from hard copies on paper, to multiple electronic file versions, with PDF being the most common. 
Whatever your drawing needs are, Lillygren Drafting Services has the experience, attention to detail, and reliability to meet those requirements. 


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